LAdy Zen’s Anatomy of Voice

Focused courses in vocal training
and performance development

Introduction to voice

The first step in finding your voice is understanding how it functions. This is a 90 minute introductory lesson in the art of vocal articulation. Learn the structural muscles of the face and neck - where they are, what they are called, and how they work. Discover the processes, methods and techniques used in the production of sound by the human voice. Several facial exercises will be demonstrated to build muscle groups used while speaking or singing.

The instrumental body

Learn to master your personal instrument and command the attention of any audience. This focused course includes 3 modules: Breath, Posture, and Elocution. With insights from traditional vocal training, as well as disciplines such as tai chi and yoga, this course offers a unique approach to the understanding of vocal mastery. Expand on your knowledge of vocal anatomy, get in touch with the physical body through emotion, and bring it all together with a presentation on the practice of finding your voice.

build your band

Understand the skills needed to maintain a successful music project. This class offers the foundational skills of song structure and music composition, set list selection, managing a band, booking gigs, promotion and marketing. Expand your opportunities for success with these core skills of music business.

One-on-One Training

Build on your fundamental vocal training with individual instruction. After completing The Instrumental Body course, students have the opportunity to matriculate to private instruction sessions. Further hone your craft with personalized consulting and constructive feedback. We will focus on developing and polishing your act, and overcoming any performance weak spots to deliver the strongest presentation of your work.