Elevate your Craft and Unlock your potential.

Having performed in front of millions of people over my lifetime, I can say without a doubt that performance is one of the most enjoyable activities in my life. In the scope of my career, I’ve made many mistakes and gathered insights from my collaborations with numerous artists, and I have acquired invaluable skills to execute more effective presentations of my work.

Most people aren’t trained to shape content to fit audiences in the same way as performing artists. I have seen presenters fiddle with the microphone, stumble over words, and try to veil performance anxiety. I’ve watched them banter with the audience members and emotionally wear themselves out with weak presentations.  But I have solutions to these universal problems. They are easy to learn and they produce results quickly. It means the difference between a mediocre performance and a stellar one. No matter how socially awkward, shy, and lacking in confidence one may feel, these techniques break through barriers to your potential.


The most beloved, interesting, and skilled presenters lead audiences through material by leaving their fingerprint on the delivery. They have learned to incorporate performance skills into their presentation. This skill is the single most important technique any figure can do. 


I believe in this practical curriculum so deeply that I dedicated nearly four years to perfecting a program designed specifically for those who will be presenting work to an audience. Writers, public speakers, teachers, sales teams, and performing artists. Without these skills, presenters are at disadvantage. It is so important, in fact, that it means the difference between utter failure and stark visibility. I believe performance techniques are of utmost importance for writers and poets, because readings are the central communication tool used to get books off the shelves and build audiences. 

As the mother of Lyric Fusion Poetry, I teach valuable techniques to anyone with a desire to improve presentations and divert more attention to their products. I have been performing my whole life, beginning as a vocal prodigy at age 7, performing as a gospel music revivalist, choir member, opera diva, and hip hop emcee. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Opera from the University of Arkansas; I have a BA in Music Business Management from The Evergreen State College, and a Master’s Degree in Poetry from the University of Maine Stonecoast MFA.  My thesis includes performance collaboration case studies that support my theory on Lyric Fusion Poetry, identifying the characteristics of this modern poetic form. 

I have trained and performed professionally for over 30 years and helped many shape their message as director, producer, consultant, and teaching artist. I help writers, poets, vocalists, sales teams, and public speakers improve performance skills through consultation, lectures, and online courses. These are filled with proven techniques to help anyone overcome obstacles in performance and together we can make marked improvements from day one.

My courses will improve your skills in just a few short lessons, not the years it took me. I am always excited to receive invitations to improve the lives of others and get more voices out there! 

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